QRZ.com and QRZ.ru lookup plugin for Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird

QRZ.com and QRZ.ru are the most comprehensive online amateur radio callsign databases on the web. With the help of the Mozilla plugin ConQuery (by Vasa Maximov), it is possible to look up callsigns which appear on websites, in eMails or Usenet-articles displayed by Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird in the online databases.


All you need to do is install ConQuery and add qrz.cqr (qrz.com) and/or qrzru.cqr (qrz.ru) to the "searchplugins" subdirectory of your Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird folder.

Then restart Firefox/Thunderbird/Mozilla, that's it!

Usage, Screenshot

Highlight a callsign, right-click to open the context-menu, chose "Query to... -> QRZ.com/QRZ.ru". A new browser-tab with the QRZ profile of the highlighted callsign will open.

Portable indicators etc. are automatically stripped off. In the screenshot below, EA9/G3SXW is highlighted, but only G3SXW is queried to QRZ.com.


qrz.cqr - 756 Bytes - QRZ.com Search plugin for ConQuery.
qrzru.cqr - 811 Bytes - QRZ.ru Search plugin for ConQuery.

Any comments are welcome, contact information on the main-page.

SVN access

All projects are also available via Subversion (version control system), the repositories can also be browsed by HTTP: http://svn.fkurz.net/

For those not familiar with SVN: You can always fetch the latest version by:

svn checkout svn://svn.fkurz.net/$PROJECT         # replace $PROJECT...
svn checkout svn://svn.fkurz.net/ebook2cw         # example for ebook2cw

But be aware that this version may not be 'stable' at all. If you don't like experiments, just continue to use the normal releases.

By default, everyone can read the repositories, but I'll gladly grant write access as needed; just drop me a line.

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