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All kinds of things too precious not to share, in short articles. Constantly under construction or destruction. Note that code snippets are usually working minimum examples (often stripped of extra features). If you plan to use and of the code for anything serious, you may want to contact me. It's likely that I can provide you with some updates and good (?) advice.

Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff

A Beverage antenna switch with pushbuttons

Unlike most antenna switches which use a rotary switch to select the antenna, this version (developed by N2NL and DJ1YFK) uses push buttons to quickly select a receive antenna. The circuit is very simple and only uses two logic ICs (instead of a microcontroller) plus a few transistors to drive the relays.

While designed with Beverage antenna switching in mind, it may be used as a basis for any kind of antenna switchboxes. The circuit can easily be extended for more switch positions.

Added: 29-Jan-2008. Last modified: 17-Jun-2019.

Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff