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Morse code palindromes

Several Palindromes, which entirely consist of symmetric CW signs are obviously also palindromes in Morse code. But there are also some words which are not palindromes in letters, but only in Morse code.

A small Perl script was written to find some of those, using several word lists found on the internet.

LanguageMorse Palindromes
Englishan, Bev, feel, waiting, sees, Wang, pop, footstool, gnaw, outdo, sexes, USD
Germanan, Weg, du, stets, weg, tot, Ehe, Otto, Na, Pop, ewige, Reittier
Frenchdu, ses, été, sans, n'a, an, tant, fil, pop
Dutchtot, na, weg, du, Kok, fel, keek, pop, an, ere, kook, lof

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Added: 11-Apr-2008. Last modified: 18-Aug-2013.

Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff