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Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff - A small Perl script to do some power calculations

Being tired of typing the same stuff into my calculator again and again, I wrote a small script in Perl to save some work. From the source:

# Input formats:
# 1)      x POWERUNIT (+/- y RATIOUNIT) (in POWERUNIT)
#        e.g. 5W + 10dB in dBm
#     100W + 6dB [in W]
#     100W - 1SU
#     100W in dBm
# 2)      x POWERUNIT to y POWERUNIT, output: dB and S-Units
#        e.g. 100W to 200W
#     200W to 5W
# POWERUNITs:  [pnumkMG]W, dBm, dBW, S (defined as S9 = -73dBm, 6dB per unit)
# RATIOUNITs:  dB, SU (S-Units, 6dB each) 

download (2008-Jan-19)

Added: 23-Jan-2008. Last modified: 23-Jan-2008.

Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff