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Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff

IRC <-> Win-Test Chat bridge

By default, the chat ("gab") function of Win-Test allows to chat with external stations by means of the DX-Cluster talk command. Since many of the WWYC crowd hang out on IRC during the contests, the idea of a bridge/gateway between an IRC channel and Win-Test gab was born.

Thanks to the Net::IRC-Module, and after a quick look at the Win-Test network protocol with Wireshark, this was very easy to implement in Perl.

The result can be downloaded here. If score broadcasting is activated in Win-Test, it also sends the current score to the IRC channel in regular intervals.

If you're running Windows and have no idea how to run it: Download and install ActivePerl for free, use the package manager or CPAN to install the "Net::IRC" package and run after changing the configuration (your call, IRC server, etc.) in it first.

Added: 04-Nov-2010. Last modified: 04-Nov-2010.

Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff