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Experimental JavaScript Morse Decoder

As a complement to the many practice modes for receiving Morse code at Learn CW Online, I have been investigating ways to implement some kind of sending practice in the browser.

Taking CW input from the mouse key works very well with millisecond resolution (certainly less in reality, but accurate enough), so writing a little decoder for straight key CW only took half an hour including all testing. But I failed to produce a reliable sidetone: Triggering an HTML5 audio-element that plays a OGG file with an infinite sine tone by the play() and pause() methods was the closest I got, but it was too sluggish for anything above 5wpm. Update (2013-01-25): About two years and 14 versions of Firefox later, it seems to work very well with the HTML5 audio. Update (2020-05-22): Now it's using the Web Audio API to generate a nice sidetone.

Feel free to play with it:

Speed: 8WpM


I released the code into the public domain. Do whatever you like with it (it should work with Firefox, Chrome and Safari).

2013-04-12: I just found another implementation of a JavaScript Morse decoder with jQuery on Ben Nadel's blog. It uses the space bar as the input device and has a nice display of the possible characters that could be formed from what has been sent so far (e. g. when entering ".--" it suggests "W", "J", "1") but it lacks a side tone.

2014-07-04: Burak Kanber (@bkanber) created a "online morse code radio" which is basically a chatroom with Morse input:

Added: 14-Jul-2010. Last modified: 22-May-2020.

Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff