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A bandmap display for DX spots (mainly Reverse Beacon Network)

Even more than the classical DX cluster, the Reverse Beacon Network produces an enormous amount of data, which is typically presented in a chronological list of the spots via telnet or on web clusters.

To improve the readability of the data, I developed a small PHP/Javascript ensemble which creates a dynamically updated band-map like view (as we know it from contest software) of the RBN spots. Have a look at it here (filtered for FOC members in this case).

Since it may be useful for others, I decided to publish the source code it (* see note below!):

Running it with the full RBN data stream would create a huge bandmap and for real life scenarios some extra filtering is probably a good idea. This can be implemented relatively easily, also adding some extra columns to the database (e. g. DXCC, Continent, etc.) could be helpful in order to apply better filtering.

Happy hacking!

2019-07-20: FYI The A1 Club runs a similar bandmap, with some more clubs included: (offline as of 2021-10)

2018-11-01: Update I took over the "CW Clubs RBN Bandmap" from Frank, it's now at The source code is here:

2013-07-21: Update Frank, PA4N created a fantastic web-app based on my script which filters for many more CW clubs. Click here for PA4N's "CW Clubs RBN Bandmap". Great work, Frank!

2013-10-06: Update Source code now available via SVN (see git repo above).

Added: 22-Dec-2012. Last modified: 22-Oct-2021.

Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff