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All kinds of things too precious not to share, in short articles. Constantly under construction or destruction. Note that code snippets are usually working minimum examples (often stripped of extra features). If you plan to use and of the code for anything serious, you may want to contact me. It's likely that I can provide you with some updates and good (?) advice.

Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff

Code snippet: Generating SSTV Martin 1 signals

A small C implementation (should compile on all platforms, but tested on Linux only) of a Martin 1 SSTV encoder. Converts a JPEG input file (using jpeglib) to a WAV output file (using libsndfile).

Originally written for transmitting live images from a high-altitude balloon, that carries a small embedded Linux computer. It could probably be optimized a bit for speed and timing accuracy, but already produces pictures with a usable quality (example: input, output). On the author's 1.8GHz machine generating a WAV file from a JPEG image takes about 2 seconds.

Update 11/08: Some actual pictures generated with it here and here.

sstvtx.c C source code - Licensed under the MIT License - SVN access

Added: 29-Jul-2008. Last modified: 26-Apr-2011.

Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff