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All kinds of things too precious not to share, in short articles. Constantly under construction or destruction. Note that code snippets are usually working minimum examples (often stripped of extra features). If you plan to use and of the code for anything serious, you may want to contact me. It's likely that I can provide you with some updates and good (?) advice.

Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff

Stereo CW - Dots on one, Dashes on the other ear. Does it work?

A few example MP3s created following a discussion on the AGCW mailing list, whether reception of CW can be improved by splitting dots and dashes between the right and left ear. Listen for yourself, at different speeds:

Conclusion: Confusion!

But there is more to it. While this may not work well for aural copy, you may want to check out what DF9IV, M0ERA (DM3DA) and DK6TM are working on: (dead link) Morse code reception via vibrotactile stimulation.

A modified version of my program ebook2cw which produces stereo output can be obtained here (source code. compiled versions on request.)

Added: 23-Jan-2008. Last modified: 13-Mar-2008.

Fabian KurzHam RadioStuff