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yfktest - Contest Logging Software PROUDLY written in PERL

YFKtest is a logbook program for ham radio contests. It is easily extendable to log and score arbitrary contests. It doesn't require any installation or setup, just download and start!

First written in 2007 by Fabian, DJ1YFK. Since 2011 the coding is being done by Bob, W9YA. It's a FB logger and a great way to study perl coding. Many users prefer it's K.I.S.S. logging style.

Key Features


Maintenance is currently being done by Bob, W9YA ..... AND ...... the current GIT is considered VERY stable with many new features NOT in the last “official” release. We therefore urgently recommend downloading your copy using the GIT access directions below.

System Requirements


The picture shows the main logging screen of YFKtest running in Ubuntu 12.04, during testing for compliance/acceptance for the NM-QSO-PARTY. This is one of the selectable color schemes.

The picture shows the main logging screen of YFKtest running in an xterm, after the EUHFC 2007. This is the default color scheme.


Here's a start, with more FAQs to come.


The docs in the current git software repository are suggested reading. A good place to start is with the manual and with the ARRL-FD-HOW-TO. If you want something with more visual “sizzle” please look at this setup doc generously created by Carlin, N5OE. Please be advised that it is an OLD document and parts of it may NO LONGER be accurate !

GIT Access


Of course YFKtest is free software (free as in beer and free as in freedom) and published under the GPL 2.

For more information, feedback, requests, questions: please e-mail Bob Finch at:

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