dxcc - ham radio callsign DXCC lookup utility

Current version: 20191204 - Download directory

dxcc is a small command line utility which determines the ARRL DXCC entity of a ham radio callsign, based on the cty.dat country file by Jim Reisert, AD1C.


[user@host ~]$ dxcc VK9DNX
Callsign: VK9DNX

Main Prefix:    VK9N
Country Name:   Norfolk I.
WAZ Zone:       32
ITU Zone:       60
Continent:      OC
Latitude:       -29.00
Longitude:      -168.00
UTC shift:      -11.5

It's written in Perl and self-contained. A different version of the country file can be used optionally. dxcc only requires Perl and should run on pretty much every operating system.

By giving your own DXCC or callsign by the -m command line option, the distance and beam heading will be calculated too (e.g. dxcc -m DL 8Q7ZZ; both must be upper case).


An optional GUI written in Perl/Tk is available as of 20071026, and may be used by invoking dxcc with the -g command line option. The screen shot shows the GUI which features a world map on which the location of the DXCC is highlighted. Also here, the -m option can be used (as shown in the screenshot).

[dxcc gui]

Download, License

Of course dxcc is free software (free as in beer and free as in freedom) and published under the GPL 2.

All released versions can be found in the download directory. dxcc was also packaged for several Linux distributions:

Source Archive dxcc-20191204.tar.gz-
git https://git.fkurz.net/dj1yfk/dxcc/-
Archlinux Packagedxcc 20080225-1Bob, W9YA
Fedora RPMdxcc-20080225Bob, KC0WYC

Author, Contact, Feedback

dxcc was written by Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK

If you have any suggestions, questions, feature requests etc., don't hesitate a minute and contact me via email: fabian@fkurz.net.

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