Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK


Fabian Kurz
Frohschammerstr. 8
D-80807 München (map)
(formerly in Rheine, Dresden)
phone: +49 89 54578182
mobile: +49 174 6926713
email/xmpp: fabian@fkurz.net
PGP key B77621F7
Amateur Radio callsign: DJ1YFK

Updated / News: [Atom]

Amateur Radio

I am a licensed radio amateur ("ham") with the call sign DJ1YFK. I love Morse Code (CW), especially at high speeds. To foster its usage and to preserve it for the future, I developed Learn CW Online (lcwo.net), a web-based Morse course and practice tool with an active community of a few thousand users.

In the ham radio section of my website you'll find more information about my activities and some radio related, free software I've written over the years (LCWO, ebook2cw, qrq, YFKlog, CW RBN Club Spotter, ...).

Studies / Lecture Notes

During the first semesters of my studies of electrical engineering at Dresden University of Technology (2003 - 2005), I transcribed some lecture notes in LaTeX. Over a decade later, they are still used by many students. Everything is available as PDFs and LaTeX sources, licensed under the terms of the CC-BY license.


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