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Life is too short for QRS
Fabian Kurz
Frohschammerstr. 8
D-80807 München (map)
phone: +49 89 54578182
mobile: +49 174 6926713
E-Mail: fabian@fkurz.net (PGP key)
Amateur Radio callsign: DJ5CW

Fabian KurzHam RadioBio

Standing in front of the antenna of the infamous "Russian
Woodpecker" / Duga radar in the Chernobyl exclusion zone
(Ukraine, 2018).

Fabian Kurz, DJ5CW

Born 1983, married, no children. Engineer, pacifist, vegan, atheist. First licensed (as DG9YFK, VHF+) in November 1997 at the age of 14, upgrade to DJ1YFK and first contacts in Morse code in March 1998, changed to DJ5CW in December 2021. Also holding an US extra class license (WB6LQR, ex AD5UR) and the Polish callsign SO5CW.

1983 - 2003: Rheine

I grew up and developed my interest in amateur radio in Rheine, JO32QG, from where I mainly operated between 1997 and 2003. My first callsign was DG9YFK (VHF/UHF only), issued on my 14th birthday. In early 1998 I took the Morse code exam, received my new callsign DJ1YFK and started operating on the HF bands with a FT-301 and wire antennas in CW only (often QRP), later upgraded to a FT-890 and eventually I started building my own equipment, e. g. for the longwave band at 136 kHz.

My main interests which I developed at that time, high speed telegraphy and contesting, have followed me through my whole ham life so far.

2003 - 2008: Dresden

After finishing school, I spent five years studying electrical engineering (with a focus on RF technology) at the Dresden University of Technology, often operating and contesting on the HF bands from the campus club station DL0TUD in JO61UA, and from DM7A on the Fichtelberg, JO60LK contest location, mostly on 23cm.

Operating at SP5ZCC/SN5Z during the
IARU R1 CW Fieldday 2009.

since 2008: Munich / München

After graduation from TU Dresden with a diploma in electrical engineering, I am living and working as an engineer (RF and embedded stuff) in Munich, Bavaria (JN58SE). As time permits, I enjoy getting on the air from the local contest station DL1A / DM9K (@DJ6ZM) (QRT) or from the club station of the Siemens Employees' Amateur Radio club DL0SA. At home I have a small station (Elecraft K2, 10W) with a 15m long vertical antenna on top of a 4 storey building (extended through an open skylight window), which works surprisingly well.


Besides my activities on the bands I am a High Speed Telegraphy / QRQ enthusiast; 9 times winner of the German Cup of High Speed Telegraphy (between 2000 & 2012), member of the German HST Team, winner of four gold medals (RufzXP 2009, 2010, 2012; MorseRunner 2011), three silver medals (RufzXP 2011, 2013, 2018) and four bronze medals (2006, 2008 MorseRunner, 2014 RufzXP, 2018 Transmitting) in international HST competitions between 1999 and 2018.

Developer of the multilingual Morse course and practice website "Learn CW Online", http://lcwo.net/ and author of various ham radio programs, e.g. ebook2cw, a popular text to CW converter.


DARC (DOK S07 since 2005, 1997-2004 N16; volunteer in various committees), PZK (OT 31), HSC (1754), VHSC (371), SHSC (157), EHSC (115), RTC (125), AGCW-DL (2666), FOC (1796), ARRL A-1 Operator Club, CWOps (1566), WWYC (10), HACWG (123), LZCWC, SKCC (1982T), GDXF, BCC, LIDS (127), FISTS (18721), RCWC (1231), CWJF (867), ECWARC (540), SPCWC (444), RU-QRP (422), NTC (99), MCARI (903).
Winner of the GACW Certificate of Excellence 2009. Recipient of the DARC Horkheimer Preis, 2021

VHF contesting from from JN58TF - Fröttmaninger Berg
July 2022 - ODX: YR5C 845km

On the air

Other than my regular activities as DJ5CW and DF0HSC, and semi-regular activities as SO5CW from near Warsaw (KO01), you might have heard me with one of the following calls:

DJ1YFK - my callsign from 1998 to 2021 * DF0RE and DK0QQ (various contests/fielddays, 1998 - 2003) * PA/DJ1YFK/p (EU-038, 1999 and IOTA-Contest 2003) * IR3HST (HST championship in Pordenone 1999) * OZ/DJ1YFK/p (at OZ7HVI, EU-029) and 5P1ER (from Copenhagen - TNX OZ1AA) * SM0/DJ1YFK/p (at SK0UX - TNX SM0JHF) * SK9HQ (IARU Contest 2000) * SK0TM (a few QSOs when visiting the Technical Museum July 2000 and again April 2017) * DA0RTC (11-17th Dec 2000) * YR0HST (Special-Event-Call of the HST championship in Constanta 2001) * OY/DJ1YFK/p (Summer 2001) * TF/DJ1YFK/p (Summer 2001) * DA0HSC (50 Years of HSC, August (?) 2001) * 8Q7ZZ (Maldives DXpedition in 2002) * IK5/DJ1YFK/P (San Vivaldo, September 2002) * DA0AA (CQWW SSB M/M) * 9A/DJ1YFK/p (from 9A7P in Pazin, July 2003) * DF0DX (WAE CW 2003) * DL0HSC (HSC Contest February 2004) * YU0HST (HST Championship in Nis, September 2004) * DM1A (M/S WAE CW 2005 from DL0WW) * DR1A (several M/M operations, WPX and CQWW) * DA0CA (M/2 WPX 2005) * DP4K (RDXCs) * SP0WWYC, 3Z1LH, SP1/DJ1YFK (WWYC Meeting in Darlowko, Lighthouse POL003, August 2005). * DA0DD (800 years Dresden) * DP4T (CQWW CW 2005, 2010 M/S @ DJ4PT†) * PP5WRTC, PP5/DJ1YFK and PT5V (WRTC, July 2006 Brazil) * 4O7WWYC (3rd WWYC Meeting in Serbia, August 2006) * LZ5HST (5th IARU Region 1 HST Championship, Primorsko, Bulgaria, September 2006) * PI4ZI (PACC 2007, 2009 M/M) * DA0WWYC (4th WWYC Meeting Munich 2007) * SP75E, SP/DJ1YFK (SP-DX-Contest 2008 at SP5ZCC/SN5Z, CW Fieldday 2009) * LZ8WHST (8th HST Worldchampionships, Obzor, September 2009) * OE9R, OE/DJ1YFK (January 2011, CQWW 160m, REF CW in Bregenz) * DA0HQ - Various IARU HF Championships since 2008 * E7/DJ1YFK (February 2011, in and near Sarajevo, tnx E71DX and E73M) * DA0HST (May 2011, WPX CW M/M) * ZS6/DJ1YFK (August 2011, IARU Region 1 conference, ZS6IARU) * HB9HST, HB9/DJ1YFK (10th IARU High Speed Telegraphy World Championship, Beatenberg, October 2012) * SP/DJ1YFK (WPX CW, K2 + wires from KO01nu, May 2013) * LZ2013HST (September 2013, 11th IARU HST, Borovets, Bulgaria) * 4O0HST and 4O/DJ1YFK (September 2014, 8th IARU R1 HST, Bar, Montenegro) * LZ14IARU (September 2014, IARU Region 1 Conference, Albena) * F/DJ1YFK (March 2016, Marseille, JN23QG) * YL/DJ1YFK (March 2016, Riga Old Town, KO26BW) * OE/DJ1YFK (April 2016, Vienna IARU Region 1 Interim Meeting; May 2016, JN88EE) * OM/DJ1YFK (May 2016, Bratislava, JN88ND) * MM/DJ1YFK (August 2016, Edinburgh, IO85JW) * F/DJ1YFK (Aug./Sep. 2016, s/w France, IN94RT, IN93GL) * OZ/DJ1YFK (April 2017, Copenhagen, JO65HP) * HA/DJ1YFK (August 2017, Budapest, JN97ML; September 2017, Gyor @ HA1AG, JN87TO) * DL17IARU and DR17IARU (IARU R1 General Conference, Landshut, September 2017) * GB2RN (visiting the HMS Belfast, November 2017) * DL80FOC (May 2018, 80 Years FOC) * 4U1A (January 2019) * LX/DJ1YFK (April 2019) * DA2X (November 2019 & 2022, CQWW @ DF0SAX) * DA0EQP (occasionally, after May 2020, QRQPoint) * I4/DJ1YFK (November 2021, Bologna/Rimini) * DM8T/P (CW Fieldday 2023) * CT9/DJ5CW and CT7/DJ5CW (Funchal, Madeira; Lisbon, Portugal, October/November 2023)

I am QRV every day on the HF bands (160m - 10m) and occasionally on 6m, 2m and 70cm, almost exclusively in Morse code (RBN stats, logs). Any speed from QRS to QRQ.

Happy owner and builder of Elecraft K2 #5054, owner of a second hand K1.

Other interests

Linux/Unix, programming (mostly ham related software in Perl, PHP, C and Go), foreign languages, veganism (cooking and baking; environmental, ethical and health aspects) and reading.

Fabian KurzHam RadioBio

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