Fabian Kurz, DJ5CW

Life is too short for QRS
Fabian Kurz
Frohschammerstr. 8
D-80807 München (map)
phone: +49 89 54578182
mobile: +49 174 6926713
mail/xmpp: fabian@fkurz.net (PGP key)
Amateur Radio callsign: DJ5CW

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Ham Radio

I am a licensed radio amateur (1998-2021: DJ1YFK, DJ5CW since Dec 10, 2021), mostly active in Morse telegraphy, on the ham radio HF bands in contests.
I also take part in international High Speed Telegraphy competitions as a member of the German national team.

Information and activities

Amateur radio software projects / websites / services

Morse Code


Other projects

Most of the code can also be browsed online in the git repositories on git.fkurz.net.


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