Contest / DX Recordings of DJ1YFK

Still very much under construction...

CQWW 160m 2010

Score and summary on 3830. - Directory with all MP3 files for download

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2211zJA9CHI, JA6JPS, JA6BZI, DD9WGplayDuring the initial EU run (rate > 150 Q/h)MP3
2247zN1ZZ, BA4RFplayBA4RF first hrd on US bev, then switched to AS bevMP3
0309zXE1RCSplaySorry LZ9W, I didn't call you :-)MP3
0353zPJ2T, T70AplayN2NL calling T70A with big signalsMP3
0603zW7SE (WY)playClickediclack!MP3
0616zK7BG (MT)playMP3
0619zK2TE, C6ANM, W6XR, W8MJ, N7AT (AZ)playMP3
0623zN6HY (CA), WD5COV (NM), LN3Z, N3BNA, W7RN (NV)playMP3
0628zN6SS (AZ)playMP3
0702zKV4FZ, C6AKQ, CE1/K7CAplayMP3
1739zJA5DQH, (EUs), JA7NI, (EUs), RC9O, JR1IJVplayMP3
1800zJA1RSV, JA6LCJplayMP3
1936zUA0YAYplayZone 23MP3
0344zVA5DX (SK)playMP3
0449zW6XI (AZ)playMP3
0534zK7OX (WA)playMP3
0542zVE7CC (BC)playMP3
0547zAD6C (CA)playMP3
0549zN6TR (OR)playMP3
0552zAC6DD (CA)playMP3
0601zN6ML (CA)playMP3
0606zN6DZ (CA)playMP3
0615zVE6BBP (AB)playPatience pays off!MP3
0633zK7NJ (UT)playMP3
0637zKY5R, N7JW (UT), AA7A (AZ)playI insisted on KY because I hoped it was from Kentucky, which I still needed...MP3
0647zK6TA (CA), N2WNplayMP3
0652zN6ET (CA), VE6SV (AB)playMP3
0659zKL7RAplayNoise edge QSO...MP3
0702zVE6JY (AB), N8BC (OH)playPlenty of loud VE6 guys!MP3
0707zNI5T (NM)playMP3
0711zVE6WZ (AB)playMP3
0716zW6OAR (CA), AK8Q (PA)playAK8Q apparently ran QRP :-)MP3
2130zNP4Aplay30min before his sunset!MP3

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