SO5CW - DJ5CW's station in Poland

I am using the callsign SO5CW during my holiday operations from Poland (formerly SP/DJ1YFK).

Operation currently takes places from two different locations:

QTH 1 (casual operating, since 2012): near Warka, 50 km south of Warsaw
RIG: TS-440S/AT, W5JH Black Widow magnetic key, simple vertical and wire antennas

QTH 2 (contest location, since September 2022): near Chynów, 35km south of Warsaw
RIG: IC-746PRO, 2el/2el/3el (20m/15m/10m) Yagi @ 13m, Dipoles / Verticals

In 2008 and 2010 I was also QRV from Poland as SP/DJ1YFK from SP5ZCC / SN5Z (KO02PF).

QSL: I don't collect cards. If you need a card, please request by email (
I am not a member of PZK, so please only send QSLs to SO5CW via DJ5CW to DARC bureau. TNX!
All contacts are uploaded to LoTW within a few days of the QSO.

Activities (SO5CW):

QTH 1:

QTH 2:

Takeoff from SO5CW

The terrain around the SO5CW QTH2 is very flat. Find some terrain plots into different directions below, plotted using (units = meters).


Japan/Asia (NE)

South America & VK/ZL LP (SW)

South East

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