SO5CW - DJ5CW's station in Poland

I am using the callsign SO5CW during my holiday operations from Poland since December 2018 (formerly SP/DJ1YFK).

Operation currently takes places from two different locations (current QTH in red):

QTH 1 (casual operating, since 2012): near Warka, 50 km south of Warsaw
RIG: TS-440S/AT, W5JH Black Widow magnetic key, simple vertical and wire antennas

QTH 2 ("contest" and future remote location, since September 2022): near Chynów, 35km south of Warsaw
RIG: IC-746PRO, 2el/2el/3el (20m/15m/10m) Yagi @ 12m, Dipoles / Verticals, 17el F9FT 2m Yagi

In 2008 and 2010 I was also QRV from Poland as SP/DJ1YFK from SP5ZCC / SN5Z (KO02PF).

QSL: I don't collect cards. If you need a card, please request by email (
I am a member of PZK and DARC. The preferred way to send QSLs to SO5CW is via DJ5CW to DARC bureau, or OT-31 for PZK bureau.
All contacts are uploaded to LoTW within a few days of the QSO.

Activities (SO5CW):

QTH 1:

Simple vertical and wire antennas in KO01NU
TS-440S with CAT control

QTH 2:

Antennas in the sunset in KO01MW. Triband yagi @ 13m, wire dipoles for 40m/80m.
Shack in the summer house.
Operating in December 2022. 5°C inside the shack
During the September 2022 FOC BW QSO Party
Antennas in September 2022
The shack - lots of work to do!

Takeoff from SO5CW

The terrain around the SO5CW QTH2 is very flat. Find some terrain plots into different directions below, plotted using (units = meters).


Japan/Asia (NE)

South America & VK/ZL LP (SW)

South East

See this QTH on

SO5CW Remote Setup

I am currently working on setting up a remote station. Below you'll find a block diagram of the planned setup. There are still some missing bits and pieces and things may change, but the plan is to install everything during my next visit in May 2023.

Internet connectivity will be realized via 4G with a Teltonika RUT240. It will establish a VPN connection to my own OpenVPN server (hosted at a German provider for virtual private servers). First tests with the IC-7100 and the RemoteRig MK-1258MkII boxes show a total delay of less than 200 ms.

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