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YFKlog 0.6.0 released
YFKlog 0.5.0 released


YFKlog is a general purpose ham radio logbook for Linux and Unix operating systems. It runs in text mode, which means it can easily be used on a remote server, even from Windows computers with PuTTY.

It was primarily designed with day to day HF/VHF-operation in mind, for contesting have a look at YFKtest.


The manual describes the installation process and most functions and features of YFKlog in detail. It's under permanent construction.

Key features


[YFKlog screen]

The picture shows the main logging screen of YFKlog running in an xterm. There is also an alternative screen layout available. The logging screen scales vertically to fit into the terminal window.

More screenshots

Main Menu
Main Menu. All functions of YFKlog can be accessed from here.
QSL-write mode
For those who still write paper QSLs: All queued QSOs are listed in alphabetical order. After writing the QSL-card, the QSL status of a QSO can quickly be toggled.
QSL receive mode
Enter 3+ letters of a callsign, and a list with all matching QSOs is displayed. QSL-received-status can be quickly toggled.
Award tracking
YFKlog offers award tracking for DXCC, WPX, WAZ, IOTA, WAC and WAS. LOTW confirmations are fully integrated. Additionally some statistic functions are implemented (example HTML-output). Marker files for xplanet can be generated automatically: See example.
ADIF import
YFKlog imports ADIF logs. A detailled error- and warning-report is written to ensure that no data is lost without the user's attention.
A simple way to display the activity from the DX cluster or the RBN in YFKlog.

System requirements

See the YFKlog Manual for installation instructions.

License, Download

YFKlog is free software (free as in beer and free as in freedom) and published under the GPL 2.

All released versions can be found in the download directory. The git repository can be found at https://git.fkurz.net/dj1yfk/yfklog/.

Author, Contact, Feedback

YFKlog was written by Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK.

I am always interested in any kind of feedback concerning YFKlog. If you have any suggestions, questions, feature-requests etc., don't hesitate a minute and contact me via eMail.

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