cwbiff - a morse code mail notifier

Current version: 0.3.0 (2013-02-14) - Download directory - ChangeLog - [Atom Feed]

cwbiff is a small Perl program (similar to the classic Unix program 'biff') which queries a mailbox and notifies the user about new incoming mail by sending the From: and Subject: lines in morse code (CW).

Before and after playing CW, an arbitrary command line action can be triggered, for example to stop and start a media player like 'xmms' if it's playing.

Supported methods/protocols

Functionality for POP3, Maildir etc. can easily be implemented.

Usage Example

[fabian@myszka ~]$ cwbiff
cwbiff v0.3.0 starting...
Reading configuration from /home/fabian/.cwbiff
Method: imap, Server:, Mailbox: INBOX
User: fabian, Poll: 60, SSL: yes
[21:01] Checking mail ...
mail fm Fabian Kurz : Testing cwbiff... тест по русский.
[21:02] Checking mail ...
[21:03] Checking mail ...
[21:04] Checking mail ...
mail fm Fabian Kurz : Another test! Małpka.

It's written in Perl and invokes an external program to generate CW. ebook2cw can be used with a little wrapper script to generate sound.

The Perl part is platform independent and should run on any OS.

Download, License

Of course cwbiff is free software (free as in beer and free as in freedom) and published under the GPL 2.

Get the latest version from the download directory or git.

Author, Contact, Feedback

cwbiff was written by Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK.

I am always interested in any kind of feedback concerning cwbiff. If you have any suggestions, questions, feature requests etc., don't hesitate a minute and contact me by email or on the mailing list.

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